Download Winbuzz App (apk) for Android and iOS Latest Version

Download the Winbuzz application on your phone or other mobile device and enjoy the freedom to bet from anywhere. We have full-featured mobile clients compatible with android as well as iOS powered smartphones, which bring all features of our platform right at your fingertips. Just start off your betting journey by downloading Winbuzz APK file from our official website.

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About Winbuzz App

To begin betting on Winbuzz with your smartphone, you need to download the app first. Two versions have been designed: one for android users and another for those who use iPhones or iPads. This has ensured that there is a smooth experience when it comes to betting using these mobile devices. One can easily navigate through this app using just one hand since we have made it very user-friendly.

Current Version2.1
Winbuzz APK file size3.44 MB
Installed client size21.16 MB
Cost Free
Operating system supportAndroid, iOS
 Available in countries

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, USA,

among others.

Access to live broadcastsAfter registering
Access to sportsAfter registering

Winbuzz Apk

Winbuzz APK is a fully-fledged betting app with user-friendly interface, various betting options, secure transactions and attractive bonuses. Winbuzz offers a comprehensive platform for either betting on sports or playing casino games. As a result of its focus on user experience and dependability Winbuzz APK has emerged as one of the most dependable mobile gambling apps today that can be relied upon by players who need their bets placed wherever they are.

How to Download Winbuzz App

Visit Official Website

Enter the URL of our official website on your mobile device browser.

Find Download Section

Scroll down until you see 'Download' or 'Get the App' section at the homepage.

Select Your Device

Choose between Android or iOS version depending on what OS your phone is using.

Click Download Button

Tap the button containing necessary information for your device's compatibility like "Download For Android (APK)" for android users and "Download For iOS" for iPhone / iPad users.

Download Begins

The download process starts immediately when you click it, just wait for completion if necessary then continue further steps below this point;

Enable Installation from Unknown Sources (Android Only)

If you are downloading onto an android device, make sure installation from unknown sources is enabled by going through Settings > Security > Unknown sources, then turn this option ON

Wait for Download to Finish

Depending on connection speed sometimes it takes time so please be patient enough until successful finish message pops up on screen

Winbuzz App for Android

System Requirements

Operating SystemAndroid 5.0
Processor1.2 GHz
Memory Space100 MB
Supported DevicesAndroid

This application works well with different brands of smartphones such as Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi Mi series among others running on android OS;

Download for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Visit Official Website

Go to our official website using Safari browser or any other browser installed in your iOS device;


Sign up quickly by filling out required fields such as email address and password;

Download the App

Either click on ‘Download’ button or directly access it from this site.

Winbuzz App for iOS

System Requirements

Operating System iOS 8
Processor 1.2 GHz
Memory Space 100 MB
Supported Devices iOS
iPhone or iPad models that come with different versions of the operating system can work without any problem which enhances user experience during betting activity;

Winbuzz APK file Installation Process

Locate Downloaded File

Go to your device's 'Downloads' folder or pull down notification panel and find recently downloaded APK

Tap on APK File

Click/touch (or long press) on the downloaded apk file to start installation process;

Confirm Installation

A prompt will pop up asking if you want to install application, tap 'Install';

Wait for Installation to Complete

Installation may take a few seconds so please wait until it is done successfully;

Open the App

When installation finishes, there will be option saying 'Open', touch/click it then app loads up its home screen for user interaction;

Log In or Register

If you have an existing account, just enter correct login details otherwise sign up new account with us today!

Start Betting

Now that you are in-app logged in area, start exploring available options like sports betting among others provided by Winbuzz!

When it is launched for the first time, the app might ask some permissions to get into features in your device. Let it have these necessary permissions so that all functions can work.

Winbuzz App Registration Process

Usually, to register on the Winbuzz app, users are required to do the following steps

Step 1

Launch the Winbuzz app from their mobile device.

Step 2

Search for and click on the “Register” or “Sign Up” button.

Step 3

Complete the registration form by filling in necessary details such as username, email address, password; as well as personal information like name, date of birth, contact details etc.

Step 4

Verify email address/phone number (if needed) – Some applications may ask users to confirm their email/phone number through a verification link or code sent via SMS before they can successfully finish signing up for an account.

Step 5

Once registered successfully, log into your newly created account and start exploring different features available in this sports betting & casino gaming platform called ‘Winbuzz’.

Winbuzz App Bonus Details

Below are some common bonus types offered by Winbuzz along with certain terms related to them

Welcome Bonus

Often referred to as a ‘sign-up bonus’, it is given to new players who sign up with WinBuzz and make their first deposit. This type of incentive usually matches a percentage of the initial deposit made by player up to certain limit specified by casino operator himself. For instance: 100% match bonus up-to INR 20K maximum.

Deposit Bonuses

These rewards are designed such that user gets them credited into his/her account when funding it i.e., while making deposits only. The exact amount rewarded depends upon what percentage will be matched against player’s deposit during specific promotion period chosen by management team behind win-buzzing online portal itself among other factors too

Free Bets

As promotional offer(s), winbuzz may provide free bet opportunities which allows its customers (players) try out games without risking any real money from their pockets but still giving them chance(s) win prizes using actual cash payouts

Reload Bonuses

In addition to welcome reward program there also exists re-load ones where existing customers shall be granted certain amount(s) as percentage match bonus on their subsequent deposits after sign-up deal has been completed successfully by such user himself/herself.

Bonus Codes

Some bonuses might require promo codes to be entered at the time of registration or while making a deposit. Such code words are usually made available on Winbuzz website itself under “promotions” tab or through other marketing communications done by win-buzzing team via its registered email address used for signing up account with them earlier.

Payment Methods:

Various payment methods are generally supported by most online gaming platforms including winbuzz which enable players perform transactions like depositing money into their accounts as well withdrawing it back again whenever necessary depending upon individual needs/preferences among other factors too. Some of these commonly accepted ones include:

       –  Credit Cards and Debit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, Maestro etc

         – Bank Transfer – It is possible to move funds directly from one’s bank account into another through this method provided both banks have an agreement allowing such transfers between themselves .

       –  When logged in, users are able to use the Winbuzz app for anything such as betting on sports, managing their account or reaching out customer service.

Sports on Winbuzz

  • Winbuzz has many sports that can be staked on, this is made possible by a lot of options for users to choose from.
  • Common types of sports available in Winbuzz includes cricket, football (soccer), basketball, tennis, volleyball, hockey among others.
  • Users can bet on different leagues, tournaments and events within each sport as there are both national and international competitions.
  • Besides the usual games, there might also be esports like CS:GO ,Dota 2 or League of Legends which are computerized games with betting options offered by Winbuzz .
  • Virtual sports betting is another category under which horse racing ,dog racing ,football ,basketball ,hockey and even tennis may fall into. This allows people to bet on any variety of simulated sporting event they choose.
  • Whatever your tastes are; mainstream or peculiar competitions – this wide range ensures that you will always find something suitable for gambling here at win buzz app .

Casino Games on Winbuzz App

The mobile application offers an immersive gaming experience with its various casino features right in your hands. Irrespective if it’s your first time gambling online or you’re already used to brick-and-mortar establishments,this platform has all kinds of casino games that will match different skill levels and preferences.The classic slots games alongside live dealer tables should provide enough entertainment value for anyone who decides to download the app onto their smartphone or other portable devices.


If slot machines get your heart pounding like nothing else then you’ll love what awaits within Wibuzz’s collection.With everything ranging between three-reel classics and modern video slots featuring breathtaking graphics coupled with captivating storylines,you’re certain not to miss out on any type/theme here.Simply put,someone somewhere spun one too many times without winning much so developers decided they need additional pay lines plus bonus rounds just incase players aren’t satisfied after seeing those nifty animations for themselves.

Table Games:

For those who prefer going head-to-head with the dealer instead of relying on luck alone, Winbuzz offers a wide range of classic table games including blackjack, roulette and poker among others. These timeless favourites have been given a digital makeover to ensure that they retain all their excitement while offering players more ways to win big. Users can enjoy realistic graphics and smooth gameplay as well as customisable betting options in this category which pits them against AI opponents or real people from around the world depending on their preference.

Live Casino Games

Winbuzz's live casino allows you to experience the thrill of playing against real dealers in an authentic environment. With games like Live Blackjack, Live Roulette and Live Baccarat available, you can interact with professional croupiers as you try your luck at winning big prizes. The action is streamed directly to your device in HD quality, giving you a clear view of the table and allowing you to chat with the dealer and other players. Whether you're new to live casino gaming or are a seasoned pro, Winbuzz's live casino will provide you with hours of entertainment.

Jackpot Games

If life-changing wins are what you’re after then look no further than Win buzz’s range of jackpot games. With some offering seven-figure sums for just one lucky spin, these slots have the potential to turn even modest bets into fortunes overnight! Progressive jackpots grow every time someone plays them without winning so eventually somebody somewhere has got be leaving home much richer than when they arrived – maybe it’ll even happen tonight? If not though there’s still plenty more where those came from…

Other Specialty Games:

In addition to its extensive selection of slots, table games and live dealer options, Winbuzz also boasts a variety of specialty games for players looking something little bit different.From scratch cards and instant-win games to virtual sports betting there really is something for everyone here.Whether you want try your luck at winning big or just fancy a quick game to pass the time, you’re sure find it in the specialty games section of this app.

Features of Winbuzz App

Fast User Interface: A smooth and intuitive interface has been implemented on the Winbuzz app so as to ensure that users do not encounter any difficulty when placing their bets. The interface is mainly designed for simplicity, which makes it possible for users to switch from one part of the app to another without straining.


The privacy and safety of personal information owned by users are among the top concerns of Winbuzz. Normally, the app secures data using complex encryption systems and ensures all transactions are secure.


This application has been optimized for different devices hence it will always run smoothly on most smartphones. In order not to interfere with other functions of a phone, including power consumption levels, this app consumes minimal system resources throughout its usage thus giving users consistent enjoyable experience at all times.

Live Streaming

It is possible that Winbuzz might have a live streaming feature embedded within its structure thereby enabling people watch live sports events right from where they are through their phones or tablets. Such an element increases thrill in betting on games because individuals can follow actions as they happen and make better decisions based on that.

Betting Options

Normally, there is wide range of betting options offered by Winbuzz such as pre-match and live bets among others. Depending on sport type or event being played; you can place your money on different predictions like who wins, scores made in a match, total points scored etc.

Promotional Offers And Bonuses

To appreciate user commitment towards website usage; win buzz may decide to offer them certain rewards every now and then. These rewards could be in form welcome bonuses for new members signing up with them for first time ever or even deposit bonus given once someone loads cash into his/her account balance while free bets issued without charging anything at all just encourage bettors take more risks thus making gambling worthwhile undertaking altogether.

Customer Service Support System Availability

When using this kind of platform there are chances that one may need assistance at some point in time thus winbuzz tends to provide necessary help wherever required. In most cases customer care is available 24/7, live chat option can be used for instant feedback or else email response expected within shortest period possible however telephone calls may take bit longer but still worth trying out especially during business hours when agents likely less busy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Winbuzz apk file can be downloaded by visiting our official site and following the downloading guides for your particular device. It is available on Android as well as iOS platforms

Yes, you certainly can! Your current Winbuzz account will work seamlessly with this application so there’s no need to create another one.

Yes, there are! All promotions and bonuses offered on desktop devices are also available for those using them through their mobile phones or tablets via this app; check out what we have on our promotions page now!

Depositing and withdrawing funds couldn’t be easier when done via Winbuzz App; just go into Cashier section, select payment method that suits you best from given options list – then follow instructions displayed until transaction completion message pops up!

Winbuzz has made sure to include a wide selection of sports games catering for all types of punters who decide to join us through their smartphones or tablets – ranging from cricket right down soccer tennis horse racing etc., so there’s always something exciting happening within reach whenever wherever one might feel like placing few bets.

Yes it is! We take every possible precaution necessary in order ensure complete customer data security while dealing with them which means none other than ourselves shall have access such information at any time whatsoever – take our word on this matter seriously because we never joke around where user privacy concerns arise.

If anything goes wrong or questions pop up out nowhere during usage then fear not as Winbuzz Mobile App customer support team are always one click away – simply send email to detailing your issue or query and rest assured help shall be made available soonest possible time.